Friday, August 18, 2017

♥Simon Says Stamp♥ Monday NAUTICAL Challenge

Hey friends! Back with a brand new challenge from Simon Says Stamp, Monday Challenge blog - visit them if you want to create something and enter the challenge! Here's what we have today ♥

So, my Challenge card is this: A sweet, old-fashioned, Victorian girl walking along the beach and gathering her seashells. I used several different elements and companies for this one. I like to use what I have, even though it might mix two or three different companies embellishments or papers together. And, since I am on a budget, I have to make use of all the little things!!

Supplies used: Silver German glass glitter, Book print strip, Sequin Glamour yarn, Graphic 45 "Once Upon a Springtime" floral paper strip, Graphic Fairy Seashell girl print, Graphic 45 Silver key/Chipboard piece, and some crystals and of course - my Seam Binding as ribbon. I love it.
Do you love this piece as much as I do? Well, since I am going to be participating in the Monday challenge each week with Simon Says Stamp - each of my creations will be a Giveaway!

All you need to do is follow my Blog, Facebook Page and Instagram if you want to - I am not making that a requirement, but I sure would appreciate the love! Simply comment on this post below to be entered officially in the Giveaway! You will receive this beautiful little card and an extra surprise mailed to you the following week ♥
And guess what? In each of my challenges I post, I will also create for you a Digital Collage Sheet to use in whatever you wish! Each Digital Sheet is 8.5" x 11" so you can print at home easily.
Please click on the Image shown, and it will pull up the Full Size - and then right click and save to your computer. Have fun with it ya'll! I am still holding on the Summer, although my teenagers are headed back to school Wednesday! How about your's? Anyone have teens going back to High School? I am excited about the upcoming Fall Holidays, and buying and MAKING handmade Christmas presents for all my friends! What is your favorite thing about Fall?

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

♥Christmas♥ and ♥Halloween♥ and ♥Talk♥

I have no idea why I keep hearing "Lordy, Lordy, look who's 40!" in my head - which is strange - because I am 43. Go figure. I just think of the weirdest things sometimes. And want to do the craziest things. Like make a bunch of tiny gift tags and stick them inside balloons and let them loose and see where they end up. See if anyone would message me "Hey! I got your gorgeous tags inside a balloon" or maybe "I got your tags, inside a popped balloon cluttering up my driveway" or even "My cow ate your tags and balloon and I am sending you the bill, we took him to the vet because glitter lodged inside his teeth.." oh, silly me. It's probably a result of me going off Sugar and my Diet Coke. A girl can get a little delusional. Pay absolutely NO attention to me.

As you can see from the photos, I have been creating my "Kitchen Sink" Gift Tags. I have a little box of papers and Ephemera and thought, well, I will just create and fill the tags. Lots of ladies don't like regular Joe stuff, they always tell me to make everything POP and different from everyone else. I have never followed the crowd when it comes to Scrapbooking or Altering art. I just do what I feel is pretty, or something I would buy in a store.

YES! Ladies who still have shops and boutiques around the U.S. - I will be opening a Wholesale website again for you! I know a few friends have had grand babies enter their lives and babies too and have let the online boutiques go, so I will have to target new people and get my samples out there. I have a few ladies I want to send samples to around me as well, who have shops that do well.

What will help is that I am a new member of Shabby Lane Shops, and will be advertising in a top Magazine in the Fall! YES! So excited about that and want to have my website loaded with goodies when that comes out. AND I will still keep my Etsy of course!
So give me some love today, those of you who are on a Clean Eating journey shout out to me, those who are my fellow Artists, shout out to me, and for everyone I hope you enjoy your Wednesday!!
xoxoxoxoxoxo Sherri ♥♥♥

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

♥Halloween♥ Healthy Eating♥

I have a stack of Halloween papers, and a box full of Halloween Embellishments and Ephemera. So I have decided to create what I am calling "Kitchen Sink Halloween" - which means, there will be no rhyme or reason, but there will be a large amount of "don't really have a match or a theme, but it's going on this Tag and Card"............................And they are pretty darn cute if you ask me ♥

I am slowly building my Facebook Page - it's new, so there are only 8 followers, but please go LIKE the page! If you haven't already. I will be hosting lots of Giveaways and Free Digital items in the future when I hit at least a few hundred likes. If anyone has a business Facebook page and are willing to share my page I would be grateful and even send you something sweet in the snail mail should you help me out! Just comment that you have shared my Facebook page on your business page and I'll take it from there ♥

And lastly, I have gotten it in my head that I am 43, all my kids are mostly grown or only have a few years left before they graduate and move on, so I am starting a few new lifestyle changes of my own. First is clean eating - I am so tired of feeling sluggish, and not being very active, and just letting it all go if you catch my drift. So, although I have several pops of inspiration and lots of ladies helping me and encouraging me, I am addicted to Healthy Grocery Girl - because she is awesome. But, this is a day 1 journey and I have a long way to travel. I need to reprogram my brain to think healthier. I watched a show on Netflix called What the Health and it astonished me. Yes, I used that word people - astonished. I had no idea about most of the finding's of that show. Wow. It will shock you. My biggest fear is a Heart Attack {I had a very very minor one a few years ago and quit smoking} and the other biggest fear is having a Stroke. Those two things I am terrified of. I mean there are others, but those two - whew. Nobody wants to have that happen to them. A big thing is me walking - I have made it a goal to walk 5 days a week, 16 times around the track or 4 miles exactly.

So yes, in addition to all my creative things I will post here, I will be also be talking about food and things I have found that have helped me along the road. I may even post links to pages I find informational or helpful. So I truly appreciate you coming over here and reading all my rambling posts, because this girl ain't never met a stranger - I'll talk your ear off if you'll listen. {Yes, those who know me were scared when I got a cell phone and could text 24 hours a day}................................But anyway. Ya'll enjoy your day! Talk to you all soon xo

Sunday, August 13, 2017

♥Steampunk French Country♥


Well it's a bit of a mix - French Country and Olde Curiosity Shoppe - but the greeting cards have little Steampunk plastic adornment clocks that I found and I LOVE LOVE LOVE

Graphic 45 Papers
Seam Binding
Steampunk Clocks
Paper Doilies
English Recipe Cards inside each

VOILA! Gorgeous Cards to gift or send to someone you love, a friend, or keep for yourself

♥Graphic 45♥ French Country & A Ladies Diary Hatbox Sets

Extensive amount of Photos, please let page load! Thank you!
--------------------Graphic 45 Hatboxes I have Created - French Country and A Ladies Diary

Unfortunately the photos are not great, I only have a Iphone 6S right now. BUT - the good news is I will be working towards a Nikon in my near future. It will be an investment, and I will have to get it used, but I WILL get it! This is I know! Thank you Jesus, and Amen Sister!

Okay, what we have here is a sweet Hatbox/Keepsake box filled with a dozen coordinating Greeting Cards. I used French Country and A Ladies Diary Graphic 45 papers and Ephemera. Also, ribbons, crystals, steampunk adornments - all kinds of goodies.
I am almost out of anything Graphic 45, and I will probably cry for a little while until I can sell some things and get my hands on a few more paper collections. I recently won a Graphic 45 giveaway, so I will be creating an Album soon. For the Holidays, but until then, I really want to have a few of their Stamp Sets {which I am super curious to see how well they ink with} and I have had my eye on Off to the Races Collection and ABC Primer Collection and Secret Garden Collection. I really wanted Voyage Beneath the Sea and Enchanted Forest but I missed out on those, I think they are discontinued. But I cannot tell you how much I love Graphic 45. I cannot wait until they have open call for new Design Team Members, I am going to pray I am chosen, because you know this sistah is going to apply. Ok, enough rambling. But you know, I love Graphic 45.

What do you guys think? Do you like the Hatboxes? Are they too overdone, or just right?
Happy Sunday ya'll - I am working on some Gift tags this week!